Automatic Battery Charger DELTA- 10A24V

Its advantage is this charger keeping better battery gravity level, maximum efficiency and life for the battery. It is simple, economic and compact in design, with power on, boost, float, and reverse indications with connecting probes. It’s very durable in design, boost charging mode (max. current charging) and float charging (keeping battery volt level of gravity) full wave bridge coupled combination with filters, copper double wounded isolation transformer, ammeter, volt meter and solid electronic circuits.

Applications: recharging all types of automobile/Tabular, generator, marine engines, fishing boat batteries or other application batteries.

Make in India-with rich product experience over 25 Years. It cares with One year product warranty and lifelong service support.

1. Input: 220/240 V, 50 Hz.

2. Out put: 24VDC (2.35V/Cell) Boost charging 28.4VDC,Float charging 25.5VDC

3. Tapered Charge for Fast Recovery & Max Battery Life.

4. Layer Wound Coils for Extra Long Life.

5. Inherently Protected Against Shorts and Overloads.

6. More Reliable than Switch-Mode Chargers.

7. Superior power protection when presented with power quality problems

8. More robust – there are less points of failure.

9. The transformer provides galvanic isolation, a separation of the input and output supplies, which protects the load from any spikes, surges, or Electrical noise (Connected equipment protected).

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