ELNIX-DELTA-15A 12V Automatic Battery Charger

Elnix DELTA15A12V battery charger is for automotive, SMF, VRLA, Tubular and stationary batteries (60Ah to 130Ah-12V DC, Single battery). These chargers have fully automatic boost and float with full charge cut off mode providing maximum efficiency, optimum gravity and long life for battery. It is simple, economic and compact in design, with power on, boost and floats indications, reverse protection MCB trip and connecting probes. It uses SCR full wave coupled transformer combination with an ammeter, volt meter and solid electronic circuits. Applications: recharging automobile heavy vehicle batteries, generator batteries, AMF panel batteries, Tubular, solar batteries and other application batteries.

 It’s made with double wounded isolated copper Transformer Coupled bridge rectifier and filter circuits, designed for longer product life. Fully Automatic Boost Float charging, high loading capacity, automatic current control, over current ,over volt, deep discharge protections, input MCB, output thermal resettable switch protection, charge level volt meter and ammeter ,Powder coated steel body with high cooling options, outer terminal clips and connecting code wires.

We guaranteed its durability, stability and performance, quality checked with more than 25years exporter technology, its reach in your hands with unbeatable performance, one year guarantee and lifelong service support.

1. Input: 220/240 V, 50 Hz.

2. Out put: 12VDC (2.35V/Cell) Boost charging 28.4VDC,Float charging 25.5VDC

3. Tapered Charge for Fast Recovery & Max Battery Life.

4. Layer Wound Coils for Extra Long Life.

5. Inherently Protected Against Shorts and Overloads.

6. More Reliable than Switch-Mode Chargers.

7. Superior power protection when presented with power quality problems

8. More robust – there are less points of failure.

9. The transformer provides galvanic isolation, a separation of the input and output supplies, which protects the load from any spikes, surges, or Electrical noise (Connected equipment protected).


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