Rotary controlled battery charger DELTA-6A72V

ELNIX -DELTA-6A72V,Multi-Battery Chargers are designed for use in workshops, garages, battery service stations and retail outlets, where there is a requirement for charging a number of batteries simultaneously.
The Multi-battery charger DELTA-6A72V is  to charge from 1 to 6 batteries, in series. Models are available from 6 Amps to 30 Amps.
These chargers are also known as 'taper chargers' since charging current reduces gradually, as the battery gets charged. However they will not shut-off automatically. A voltmeter or hydrometer is required to check the battery condition periodically and switch off the charger, once the batteries are fully charged.

This model operate on single phase 230V 50 Hz. A.C. Mains Supply.
The chargers are fitted with double wound mains isolated transformer using copper wire. Rectification is done by industrial grade full wave bridge rectifier.
Charge current and voltage control by rotary switches fine tapping selections from the mains transformer. Protection for the charger is provided by means of circuit breakers on the A.C. and D.C. side.
These chargers are built in aesthetically designed thick sheet metal cabinets with volt meter and ammeter to ensure the battery volt and current level when charging.

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